"Art actualizes emotion in the soul of the viewer ... A poet does it with words ... A musician does it with music ... A visual artist does it with a visual image." Randy James Terry, also states, "The media and subject matter of my work has evolved over time. Yet, the focus of activating positive emotion in the beholder has never wavered."

Mr. Terry became a full-time artist in 1991 when he was diagnosed with a degenerative disc disease. His physical capacities became limited, but his mind began to behold the world in a changed way. He had studied art: but it was at this time that his work found its intense focus.

The core of Randy's work is based on his own photography. It is quite common to see him, with his camera, snapping pictures of everyday situations. It's from these pictures, that he bases his artworks. In 2017, after living in Door County Wisconsin: the artist made the decision to exhibit endeavors from his photographic portfolio. It was a natural progression of his life's work in two-dimentional art.

In 1991, Randy's charcoal rendering of Jan Stenerud was chosen by Mr. Stenerud to be permanently displayed in the Green Bay Packer Football Hall of Fame.

Randy was one of the artists featured in both the 1993 and the 1994 Milwaukee Sentinel Sports Art Shows in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In 1995, Publisher and Executive Editor Robert Kennedy and Mr. Terry agreed to have the artist's work featured in the internationally published magazine MuscleMag International.

The Northern League Baseball Champion - Duluth-Superior Dukes commissioned the artist to do a commemorative painting in 1998.

The Baltimore Orioles Baseball team asked Randy to display his artwork at their art gallery, which is located in their baseball park at Camdem Yards in Baltimore, Maryland in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003.

Mr. Terry's art has been featured at the Midwest Ironman/Ironmaiden Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships.

Randy grew-up in Northern Wisconsin. Most of his youth was spent studying classical music. The symphony, in which he played trumpet, was nationally acclaimed. That symphony was bestowed with the honor of being directed by the internationally renowned composer Vaclav Nelhybel.

Randy has a Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. He, also, studied at The University of Minnesota-Duluth. The Artist has done extensive studies in psychology, physiology, sociology and theology. He states, "I render portrayals of life. I have to see and picture what is actually there: not what I think is there."

Other interesting ventures in Randy's life, include: working as a radio disc jockey and writing comedy for a number of radio shows. He has lived in Las Vegas and Minnesota, but has spent the greater part of his life in Wisconsin.

The Artist states, "My artwork celebrates the beauty of everyday life. As of late, I've been focusing on artistic photography. I observe what is around me. I embrace the beauty and strive to deliver bouyant empathy to the beholder."

Randy James Terry maintains an art studio in Northern Wisconsin. His artwork is notably featured in art collections from Paris and Italy to New York City and Bangkok.

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